Monday, 17 November 2008

Media Frenzy Around Perfect Poppy

Stress Level Today: No hair left!

Its been a stressful week trying to fit in all things Ardent and homelike around work. There wasn't one day last week where I didn't end up doing more than my rota'd hours.

There has been some good news in that Poppy the stray dog has appeared in the local newspaper. Bad news is that Ardent Pets was not credited properly with saving her life. We have also appeared in Our Dogs which was very exciting.

Her blog is coming along nicely and the number of followers are growing slowly, We have also had our first enquiry about giving her a new home which is great.

I have got to grips with some video editing software and the result is posted below. Business widow goes technical!

Other fantastic news THE PIT HAS BEEN TIDIED!!! so we apologise for any freak weather changes cause by this organisational oddity. As a result my Monday mood is not too bad today as I am not in danger of being drowned by teetering piles of paperwork.

Our aim for this week is to cope on minus hours sleep, not drink and get at least 40 new items listed on the Ardent Pets website.

We haven't forgotten (the place to go for fantastic gift ideas and to compare prices on that unusual or personalised gift) it is ticking along nicely and hopefully will increase in popularity as we get close to christmas.

Thats all for now, Go visit Poppy's Pages for up to date information on our special stray.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Website Saves Life of Injured Stray Dog Facing Death!

Stress Levels Today: 5 Grey Hairs

This week has been a bit of a blur and emotionally draining. It has mostly relolved around a rather special stray rushed into the vets where I work by three dashing police men on Tuesday morning. She had been hit by a car and was in a critical condition. We supported her through the shock with some pretty fabulous nursing but 24 hours later she was stable but still not able to feel her frontlegs so things were looking bleak for her.

After 48 hours she was using one front leg and we had got her eating specially cooked mince and veg. Things started looking grim for her again she needed an operation to amputate her useless front leg. With no microchip and no owner coming forward it looked like she was going to be put to sleep after all as the Partners were not willing to fund the operation.

Then came Karl to the rescue offering to fund the surgery and save her life again! We are feeling a little bit fuzzy and warm inside at the moment and have just started a media campaign to get her a new home (or I will as soon as the news desks answer the phone at 9 o'clock).

If you want to keep track of her progress or read the story in full she is getting her own blog at

All other news really pales into significance so I'll end here. Come back next week for more exciting Ardent Pets news

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Licenced to Scan, Stop or My Wife Will Scan etc etc

Stress Level Today: 2 Grey Hairs
We have a new toy! It's a very exciting bar code scanner and stock inventory software. I have had lots of fun scanning in stock codes so we can keep track of what we have at any one time. It even goes beep but I'm not sure of its range. It would be great if I could scan a tub of hermit crab food from the other side of the pit whilst fending off the huge pile of filing threatening to engulf me in an avalanche style way. I think all of the hype surrounding the new James Bond film may have gone to my head reading that last sentence again.

We have also had another first this week with our first job application letter. It was very flattering as they must think there's an army of Ardent Workers all frantically picking and packing in a huge warehouse when in reality its just Karl in the spare room. We will definitely keep him in mind though as he has some skills and interests which would be useful when we are ready to expand the empire!

That will have to be all for now as I must fit in some hamster training before it gets too late.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Fat Talking Reindeer in Stockings!

Stress Level Today: 3 Grey Hairs

So whats happened this week? I asked Karl. "Not a fat lot" he replies in a very helpful Monday morning kind of way. Its been an odd kind of week with one day seeing us take half of our normal weekly takings in one day then the next day hardly any sales. Almost as though the world outside The Pit (office/spare room) has been wiped out in some Supernatural event.

Exciting news! We've had an influx of talking Santas and Reindeer in our brand new Christmas pet toys. We've even got rabbit and Hamster Christmas stockings!
They are so cute and cuddly. I might just get one for myself.
This week it is all good news with the first of my day job friends on the verge of moving to pastures new and salaries we can only dream of. Good luck to her!
Its been all quiet on the High Street Prices website. Hopefully it is a pre Christmas lull and people are poised to leap into a buying frenzy soon. Ideally an indecisive frenzy so they need a price comparison website for fabulous gift ideas

Monday, 20 October 2008

Lord of the Websites: Return of the Fireworks

Stress Levels Today 5 grey hairs

You would have thought I would learn not to write a blog entry on a Monday morning before going into work but no here I am tap tapping away in the most hideous foul mood that you can image because I have to go into work in an hour. Lets try to imrove my mood by turning to all things Ardent.

I've managed to squeeze in some spring cleaning of our categories and am currently making sure the heading Dogs is lovely and orderly with all the items snuggled nicely just where you would expect them. At the moment its a bit of a mess as I'm halfway through and theres a lot of fantastic items falling into the Dogs category. Just have a look at the Aquatics section for an idea of how it will look when I'm finally done if my soul hasn't been sucked out of me by then.

Selling has been a little quiet lately due to the impending doom of the economic climate and E Bay deciding to change how it works just enough for all the neophobics to run for the hills, away from the furthest wifi reaches. Hopefully it will pick up soon otherwise food is going to become an optional luxury again.

I've wheeled out and dusted off my surviving the fireworks season epic article again. It is just what you need to get through the next 4 months of small warzones in suburbia. If you want a good read visit our squidoo lens at

Karl has been showing a little favoritism between our two babies and has been spending more time on It now has a lovely collection of Google ad campaigns to lure all those fiscally fabulous Christmas shoppers through our portal to a virtual mall of wonderful bargainous gifts for all.

Now my bad mood is under control and simmering nicely, I'm off to do a little bit of picking and packing before dragging myself kicking and screaming to work. Come back next week for another exciting installment.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Christmas ideas, Explosion of Elephants, Hard of hearing hamster?

Stress Level Today: 3 Grey Hairs

Its been a good week despite my chronological advancement on Thursday. Had lots of nice things and managed to distract myself completely by reading and finishing one of my birthday books.

Still got the feeling I've got a bit too much on my plate as Uni coursework is slightly behind schedule as we hit a slight problem with clicker training K.D. the hamster (and small pet product advisor for She wasn't picking up click means treat after several sessions so we think she may be a little hard of hearing as she started getting the idea when I swapped click for a light.

Work is work need I say more (better not go there at the moment)

Were are having a massive stock clearance at Ardent Pets and have just started arranging a job lot of odds 'n' ends to auction on E bay. So look out for an extravaganza of elephant shaped hamster houses and get bidding.

Dont forget to visit our new baby where a whole page of discount coupons appeared this week. Great for those early Christamas presents so get shopping!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Links, Links, Links and Christmas Presents

Stress level today: 4 grey hairs

Its been links, links, links this week for both and . We are now listed on oodles of web directories so that google thinks we are fantastic and popular and will rank our web pages really highly (or at least higher than they are now).

Its has been very exciting with our first commision earned through after less than a week since its birth. I've been having a good rootle around all the different sites listed and have some great ideas for Christmas presents already. At least that's one less stress this year.

Thats all for now, come back for more next time